Junior Software Engineer (M/F/X)

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We are a German startup in the seed-stage looking for the best Software Engineering & Computer Science graduates in Islamabad.

In an extensive bootcamp we want to fully enable your potential and mediate the following skills & competencies:

Modern Software Engineering: Paradigms, Concepts and Values

Agile Project Management: Processes, Goals and Benefits

Software Craftsmanship: Software Architecture, Security and Infrastructure

Collaboration and Mindset: Holistic, Product-based approach to Software and Design

What we are looking for

We are looking for recent graduates from a Software Engineering or Computer Science degree willing to expand their knowledge and work in a new, non-traditional, modern environment embedded in an international setting.

You should bring:

  • A bachelor degree in either Computer Science or Software Engineering

  • Interest in designing well-built, robust and testable software

  • Willingness to learn, adapt and grow in an open and self-directed environment

What you will be doing

You will be working in a small team (~ 5 people) in our Islamabad office with our German product team to design, engineer and deploy software products for our customers. MHSP Global Solutions will be expanding their operations and you will be part of the very first team in Pakistan.


Apply on LinkedIn

Daniel Malik (daniel.malik@mhsp.global)